Paint Colors for home decorators and interior designers

Unlimited paint Color Selections for house owners and paint pros who wanted a colors design software  that would permit them to try numerous paint colors for their own outdoor or indoor painting applications.

Now this software is available for everybody. CBN has introduced strong visualisation software, with which you can color your own digital photographs and apply all of the real world paint colors found in our database with superb photorealism.

Why be restricted by one manufacturers’ paint colors palette?

CBN Selector gives you the power to download thousands of real world paint colors and loads of designer colors harmonies. When you've finished coloring your home or room, you may then use the program to print a list showing which paint colors you've selected for each project. The report is an easy to use shopping list when you go to a paint shop to look at precise paint colors samples or to buy paint.

CBN Selector isn't meant to replace physical colorcharts or colors chips but to offer you a chance to experiment how paint colors affect the pictured subject and what type of an atmosphere you can create with them.

PC displays and printers reproduce colors a little bit differently, so do not forget to check all of the selected paint colors in with the equivalent manufacturer paint colors samples before purchasing or applying paint. Visualise your paint colors selections, stucco, sealant, cosmetics, plastics, vehicles and more. CBN Selector is strong and convenient.

Avoid prompt journeys to the store for paint colors charts and samples, use CBN Selector to form your paint colors, see it applied nearly in its intended setting, and order your paint stucco, sealant, concrete and more.

 See Real Manufactured Paint Colors on your wall etc… INSTANTLY

Martha Stuart Living Paint Color Shame

Before Paint Color Applied

paint color

After Paint Color Applied

paint color

You can see REAL WORD MANUFACTURED COLORS on your wall, roof or any other area of your home INSTANTLY.

Are you having difficulties with your paint colors selection?

Do you realize that you often ask for the incorrect paint colors at the store?

Or you get home with your new paint colors and find that it does not look how you presumed it might in the room you are painting?

Do you go to the paint shop and then cannot recall the name of the paint  colors you've selected, or find the paint colors you've chosen isn't available in the paint you need to use?

Not only can this cause disappointment and stress, nonetheless it can finish up costing a good deal of additional cash! Following these straightforward recommendations on paint colors selection, will make things much simpler, less stressed, and can even save your cash too! When you're picking your paint colors, your most important step ought to be to decide on what feeling you want to create in your home and quality of paint you are going to utilise and then make your paint colors selection from the paint colors from CBN Database. If the color you choose is not in our database you can get a formula in CBN formulator to take it to your paint store. Your paint store should be able to mix the color for you.

While many colors can be found in different brands, that are not the argument for each color, you'll save a lot of disappointment and unhappiness if you match your paint colors selection with different brands` paint colors. CBN Selector makes it easy for you. With one click you can find the closest manufactured paint color to your original paint color selection if it is not available in your store.

After you have selected the colors you would like to use, print your shopping list. You will now have the exact name of your paint colors and closest matches.

 Visualize your home painted with the new paint color before ....

paint color palette

Many professional interior designers use CBN Selector to provide their customers with the exact paint color they want, visualize their home painted with the new paint color before spending a dime on paint and swathes.

Our database is the most accurate paint manufacturers database anywhere today. It's so accurate in fact that we can also use it for formulation purposes.


tickQuick and easy to learn

 green tick It works with every surface: wood,wall,metal or anything else

tick You can harmonize your paint colors; interior and exterior without spending thousands of dollars on interior design classes.

Paint Color Schemes and Paint Color Matching

Decorating can be hard. You won't even understand what paint colors you need a room to be. Instead you are rather more centered in on one object like tile, stone, fabric or a plate. You can also be impressed by art.

You might like to use the precise tone or shade for the paint colors in your space. Here is the easiest way to match paint colors and then create paint colors schemes based primarily on your new colors. Sniff around for inspiration for exterior paint color schemes. You may not notice that your home may be contrasting with outdoor. You might like to be electrified by any soil near your house; it's a neutral color will help you make a space that mixes in with the environment.

If you'd like a space that sticks out then go with paint colors that's the precise opposite of your views colors on the colors wheel. CBN Selector can match paint colors for you with one click.

CBN Selector lets you get an understanding of how your chosen colors would work with your furniture, flooring and the quantity of lighting available in your space. If you happen to be using an ornamental accessory like a bit of art for an inspiration piece, be cautious with paint colors matching. If you were basing bedroom paint schemes off a very well-known painting then the best choice is to pick the primary paint colors even though it's a deep navy blue. You would be so busy having a look at the dark, dramatic walls the colors would get lost. Instead look for one of the minor colors in the painting to draw inspiration from so your design will truly pop like employing a gold or sand wall colors. Paint colors matching still have some prediction and research concerned. You will need to find the ideal tone that works alongside the light and sq. footage of your space.

You're also going to need to consider the surface. Paint colors look different on different surface. CBN Selector lets you try your paint colors on different surfaces before you buy your paint.


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