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What is the difference between paint color visualizers?


I get asked this question so often that I wrote the below explanation so people would understand what the difference is between paint color visualizers.

There are no other Color Databases that display colors acually. We developed and own our digital color database.It took us about 10 years to scann and certify every single color we have in our database.


The Cost of the Digitized paint color Database.

The cost is horrendous to do a Paint Color Visualizer complete with a "Digital Paint Manufacturer's Color Database" properly. The Viualizer is easy, the digital color databases it uses is NOT.

There are no shortcuts to get real world colors into the virtual world without spectrophotometer scanning each of them.

We hand-scanned over 300,000 colors with a Perkin-Elmer 800/900 with a Pella 150mm integrating sphere this is why our database cost us around $8 per color to build. Its only our CBN Selector software working in concert with our digital color databases which both contain special encoding that allows real world paint colors to be displayed.




It's the most accurate paint manufacturers database anywhere today. It's so accurate in fact that we can also use it for formulation purposes. Without this quality of data Color Visualization Software is pretty useless. It's also why every other Visualizer or web viewable paint color always has an inaccuracy disclaimer attached.



Each Pixel can be used as Paint a color Chip

Can you imagine Adobe telling a graphics designer who's using Photoshop you can use our software but don't rely on the colors you are digitally managing from sRGB color space to CMYK color space for printing purposes. All graphics designer involved in print media rely of these functions daily. What is printing ink, real world pigments/dyes ground up in a clear carrier. What is paint colorant, real world pigments/dyes ground up in a clear carrier. Adobe and others mapped sRGB to CMYK and VS. We mapped paint colorants into their own color space then to sRGB so we can operate to or from these color space seamlessly. This also allows us to do true paint color "Formulation on the Fly". If graphic artists can do this very effectively why would anyone think the same would not apply to paint colors. Ahhhh, quality of the original subtractive color data is the right answer.


With this information I am sure you have figured out that when using the color picker in CBN Selector you can select colors from any web image and apply it to an area of a house. You will note that this auto-generates a CBN Code for the selected color. The CBN Code can then be used in CBN Formulator to generate a paint color formula. The creative moment, 16,7 mil pixel colors to CMYK. How about 16,7 mil pixel colors mapped to paint colorants and yes it works very well. Your new paint color collection, the sRGB color space. Each pixel now can be used as a paint color chip.       


I hope this has helped you understand what works and why.  Now you know why we do not sell our databases or build software for others.


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