CBN Formulator Features

cbn formulator features

CBN Formulator™ Represents the Re-Evolution of Color Formulation Technology.
CBN Formulator™ is advanced 3rd generation color matching and formulation software that creates millions of new color formulas for the entire world of color. CBN Formulator™ is available for Paint, Stucco, Sealant and more, and provides the easy servicing for the manufacturer and retailer of the color in their specific material.

Formulation from Color Fandecks

Quickly create a formula to match thousands of manufacturers standard colors, all from within CBN Formulator™ without requiring a costly spectrophotometer. Color fandecks are easily downloadable.

Formulation from Spectrophotometer Scan

CBN Formulator™ Integrates seamlessly with standard bench spectrophotometers, scanning the color and instantly creating a formula to make that color in your product.

Virtual Tinter™

Use CBN Formulator's Virtual Tinter™ to see your color on screen before you tint it. The Virtual Tinter is a useful feature for editing Formula's and predicting your color formula before tinting.

Optimized Formula Book

Your own color line benefits from optimized formulas, color accurate formula's that use significantly less colorant. The formula book ensures repeatability and saves you thousands of dollars every year

Formulate from Color Values

Formulate custom colors directly from CIExyz, CIElab, HSB, RGB & HTML color values.

Saved Jobs

An instantly searchable record of every formula you produce and sell at each POS location. Saving customer job information has never been easier. Now you can service your customers in an unprecedented fashion, and realize satisfied, return customers

Formula Details

Once you have obtained your formula you can easily make changes to the quantity, base, or volume, and CBN Formulator™ automatically calculates the dispensible amounts so that it does not overfill the container. CBN Formulator™ interfaces with most off-the-shelf label printers and has extensive reporting features.

Download Fandecks

CBN Formulator™ integrates seamlessly with – an online library of manufacturers standard colors. CBN Formulator™ is able to download new fandecks as they become available. Our competitors force you to buy costly spectrophotometers and even charge you extra, for additional fandecks.

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