CBN Selector Color Coordinate

color coorditane

Coordinate lets you create a color scheme by applying a selection method and a variation to a color wheel.

Color Coordinate:

color coordinate

  • Color Wheel

    • The color wheel lets you create color schemes.

    • Colors on the wheel are sorted by hue family.

    • Filled circles on the wheel represent colors that are part of the color scheme.

    • The filled black circle with a black arrow pointing to it shows the reference color.

    • A filled gray circle represents the complement of the reference color.

      NOTE: Not all schemes contain a complementary color.

  • Selection Method

    • You can choose from eight different possible Selection Methods.

    • Each selection method represents a pattern and determines the number of points on the wheel.

    • The number of points also determine the size of the dynamic Coordinate Color Palette.

  • Variations

    • You can choose from five different variations.

    • Each variation effects the brightness level of your entire color scheme.

  • Coordinate Color Palette

    • The color palette displays as many rows as there are filled circles on the color wheel.

    • Each row represents one hue in a color family.

    • Colors on each row get progressively darker from left to right.

To Pick a Color from Coordinate:

  1. Choose a Selection Method.

  2. Adjust the points on the Color Wheel to a pattern that fits your needs.

  3. Choose a Variation.

  4. Click on a color from the Coordinate Color Palette.

  5. To apply the color, click on the apply color button or drag and drop the color directly from the preview chip located at the top of the palette

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