CBN Selector Color Grabber


The Color Grabber lets you pick a color from anywhere on your screen, then apply it to your image.
The Color Selector area is like a microscope, it shows a magnified view of your sampling area.
You can change the zoom factor to give you more accuracy.

color grabber

NOTE: In order to apply colors to your image, you must already have defined SmartImage Areas.

To Pick a Color:

  1. Left-click and hold down on the Press and Hold button. Your mouse cursor changes to an eye dropper.

  2. While still holding down the left mouse-button, sample a pixel by moving the eye dropper to any location on your screen. The actual pixel being sampled is on the tip of the eye dropper cursor.

color grabber cbn

4. When you are satisfied with your color selection, release the left mouse-button.

5. To apply the color, click on the  apply colorbutton or drag and drop the color directly from the preview chip located at the top of the palette.

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