CBN Selector Interface

cbn selector interface

A brief look at CBN Selector™ 3 Graphical User Interface.

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CBN Selector™ has several key user interface elements that are important to familarize with:


  • menus

  • toolbars

  • workspace

  • floating tool windows

CBN Selector™ Components:

cbn interface

  • The Menus give you complete access to all of program's commands. You can customize the layout of the workspace, set program preferences, or execute any command.

  • The Toolbar provides quick access (one-click) to the most frequently used commands. See Toolbar for more information.

  • The CBN Image Workspace provides for viewing an image and creating SmartImage Areas. The workspace has 3 different modes of operation:


    1. Orginal Mode

    2. Prepare Mode

    3. Colorize Mode

  • Floating & Dockable Windows provide you supporting tools that let you create SmartImage Areas and preview parts of your image. Some of these tools include:


    • Color Palette

    • Color History Palette

    • Toolbox

    • Color Chip Palette

    • SmartImage Areas Palette

    • My Colors Palette

    • Harmonies Palette

    • Fandecks Palette

    • Color Grabber Tool







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