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A quick introduction to the menus in CBN Selector™ 3

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CBN Selector™ supports standard Windows commands on the File and Edit menus. Where ever appropriate, additional commands have been added to support extra features.
In addition to the standard menus, CBN Selector™ contains menus for graphics-related commands to manipulate and colorize images.
The File Menu
paint color file
The File main menu contains standard Windows commands and CBN Selector™ specific commands relevant to manipulating files. You can access the file menu by using the shortcut key combination (Alt-F).
The Edit Menu
paint color edit
The Edit main menu contains commands relevant to editing operations within CBN Selector™.
The View Menu
paint color view
The View main menu contains commands for showing tool windows and viewing an image.
The Tools Menu
paint color tools
The Tools main menu contains commands to:





  • Set program preferences
  • Calibrate your monitor
  • Generate a report
  • Link you to vendors where you can purchase materials
  • Calculate the amount of paint

















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