CBN Systems Inc. announces the release of a new unique and proprietary computer based color creation and formulation technology (patent pending) named the CBN System.

Unlike standard color specification processes, the CBN color engine, at the heart of the software, generates CBN color codes matching what you see on the screen to real-world usable formulations. The CBN System is unique due to its ability to specify colors for multiple products using a one-code/one-color approach. CBN is the common denominator between the digital (virtual) color world and the physical (real world) of colorants, pigments and dyes.

CBN is the first and only company that has developed and commercialised a technology that empowers end-users/consumers to create and purchase millions of custom colors for a multitude of materials. These materials include, paint, stain, concrete, stucco, caulk, grout, textiles, food\beverages, and cosmetics.

The CBN System is comprised of two proprietary software modules, CBN Selector, and CBN Formulator. These color management tools combine computer technology, advanced color science and color mapping that is linked and calibrated to pigments, colorants, dyes and base materials.color matching


The CBN code system was invented by CBN from the pure necessity of not having one universal system that would communicate color across multiple color standards and product applications. CBN numbers are a universal color specification system that provides the ability to completely interchange between different color specifications and applications using a single and exact “alphanumeric code”. Input specifications that map to CBN numbers include (but are not limited to): RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSB, HTML, LUV, LAB, SCF, XYZ, Bradford-RGB and CSC. Virtually any color that can be quantified in any color specification can be directly quantified in terms of a single and exact CBN number. In effect, CBN creates a marriage between the worlds of additive (real world) and subtractive color (computer displays) which has not been accomplished anywhere to date.

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