Paint Formulation Services

paint formulation

Your dream color is not manufactured?

Not a problem! We can give you a formula

for any color you want!

Here is how it works:

 HINT: You can use the demo version to get CBN Code to any color you want!


paint formulation


Pick any color in CBN Selector paint formulation




paint formulation



Get the CBN Code and email it to us.




paint formulation



We will email you your paint formula within 2 business days.




paint formulation



Take the formula to any paint store. Now they can make your perfect color.




Please buy the exact number of formulas as you need right away.

Example: If you buy 12 formulas you will need to email us 12 CBN Codes in one email. We do not keep track of “unused” formula purchases.


$5 / Formula

faint formulation service cbn system

You will be able to change order quantities in the order form after clicking on the buy now button.


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